Wax Away Unwanted Hair

Wax Away Unwanted Hair

Leaving you with a smoother appearance

If you have unwanted fuzz on your lip or chin, or need your eyebrows cleaned up, Hair Concepts will help. Waxing provides a quick and easy way to remove facial hair while leaving behind a flawless appearance. Our hair removal experts will maintain your appearance, whether you’re returning for a wax, beginning a beauty regimen or preparing for a special occasion. Call 701-224-9603 to schedule an appointment today.

5 advantages of waxing

If you've tried other methods of hair removal with mixed results, you should know waxing has its own advantages. Because it removes hair at the root, there are a number of benefits of waxing, including:

01. It lasts two weeks or more
02. It offers a smooth look
03. It offers precision
04. It results in less hair growing back
05. It's more affordable than laser removal

Discover the confidence that comes from facial waxing by visiting Hair Concepts today.